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Colourful Drypoint Printing Kit

This kit contains everything you need to create colourful drypoint prints at home without the use of a press! Thoughtfully designed it includes all materials except the kitchen sink - but we may need to borrow your kitchen sink.

In this home printmaking kit you will get to create lively marks using etching needles drawing directly onto the surface of a plate. The prints will be colourful through collaging coloured tissue onto your drypoint - this process is called Chine-colle. 


Drawing materials - 1 x Etching needle, Piece of sandpaper, biro

Inking materials - 1 x Pallette knife, 1 x 20g pot of Carbon Black ink, Scrim fabric, a 'Handy' press (handheld wheel to use as a mini press)

Paper - 3 x Drypoint cards (11.5 x 8.5cm), 2 x sheets of blotting paper, 10 x Sheets of heavyweight cartridge (A5 size), White tissue paper

Collage materials - Glue stick, pack of mixed colourful tissue paper

Instruction booklet and video tutorial included

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