Old City Parsley Girl Map

Linocut print
100cm x 70cm 
Original for sale on enquiry. 

Linocut print connecting ‘The Parsley Girl’ fairy tale to the Old City area.

For this print I chose a story called ‘The Parsley Girl’ also known as ‘Rapunzel’. The story tells us of a pregnant woman so desperate for herbs from her cravings she unknowingly steals them from a witch’s secret garden. The witch forces the woman to trade her first born child to her for taking the herbs and strangely (although commonly in fairy tales) the woman accepts as she thinks she can outsmart the witch. The secret garden in this story is inspired by St Stephen’s Church garden which I think is the most peaceful spot in the Old City area with many plants and herbs growing. During the making of this map project I discovered I had cravings of my own as I too like the woman in the story was carrying my first child. I imagined retracing the walks I took whilst I was pregnant around the Old City to the walks by the woman in the story.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints available printed by Mockingbird Press, Bristol.  



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